Thursday, May 1, 2008

Preggers? take note.

Regina Wilshire, who writes a lovely blog on nutrition, has a review of a recent study on pregnant women in India, and the effect of their diets while pregnant on their children over the first 6 years of life.

The findings:  A high folate, low B12 diet, or in lay terms, a high vegetable, low animal product diet while pregnant produces children who by age 6 are both extremely high in Adipose tissue content (not heavy, but with a high percentage of body fat) and who are already at a high stage of insulin resistance (pre-curser to Type 2 diabetes).

read more here.

read the full study here.


Karina said...

what EXACTLY are you trying to say here????


Sarah said...

Today I'm especially glad not to be pregnant because of the rage coursing through my body from reading Ms. Wilshire's Earth Day post and just a few of the comments posted about it! I'd hate to think what THAT would do to a little growing thing. In acupuncture school do they teach you about cultivating the equanimity needed to sift through the straw-man arguments, false accusations, and vitriol that seem to completely overrun the nutrition debate for actual valuable information? :-)

Luke Weiss said...

why don't you guys comment on the posts you like??