Thursday, June 5, 2008

back to the earth

So Karina and I went back to New Hampshire for Memorial Day weekend.  It was a nearly perfect trip but for two snags.  The first was Connecticut, a state I have despised since I was a child when my parents used the threat of sending me to the constitution state as a punishment for poor behavior.  The second was a visit from a NH state policeman, 2 miles from the border of Vermont, and that is the last I will say about that.

Once we escaped CT we sailed smoothly to Brattleboro, VT for dinner.  Brattleboro is the second fair trade town in America.  After a perfectly good dinner on the river at the Riverview Cafe we continued on to Bethlehem, NH and to the home of Tim Wennrich, owner of Meadowstone Farm. After a good quiet night's sleep, and some fantastic fresh eggs, we trekked back over to the farm for some more hard labor.

We buried leaks (they are grown in a trench which is slightly backfilled, which helps them get that bleeching near the base), weeded and planted some basil and eggplant.  Our hosts (the Wennrich Family) were again very good to us.  

The farm is booming, Tim was gathering supplies for his first CSA drop.  The goats had kids, the pigs are out and rooting around and the broiler chicks are getting up to their full size.

Check out the pigs:
Be Well.

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Karina said...

I <3 piggies

What a wondeful trip, can't wait to go back! I need me some eggs!