Tuesday, March 25, 2008

responsible testing

a reader writes:

"Interesting, but the Mother Earth chart is PROPAGANDA! If they cared about proper scientific methods, they would have sent eggs of comperable volume to the labs to be tested (as a control) alongside their pasture chicken free range eggs. In my mind, the fact that they did not do that throws their entire study out the window. And they only tested SIX (6) goddam eggs per farm!

However, I take stock in the 2003 study done at Penn State U by H.D. Karsten:
http://www.poultryscience.org/spss03abs.pdf(see abstract 60, page 15)

It looks like they were testing 200+ eggs per group... They DID find that the pasture eggs had more good stuff in the yolks, but it's not as overstated as the mother earth stuff. Might be worth trying to track down a copy of the paper/study (or maybe there is just the abstract, idk)"

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