Thursday, March 6, 2008

rangy foods

those who know me well(which is everyone who will ever read this, but hey, let's continue the charade) know that I delight in list making. 5 best movies, 10 best albums, etc, from the best to the worst to the mediocre, I love listing everything. Compartementalization is key to my homeostasis.

So it is grapefruit season. I am struck again by the disparity of this sinewy fruit. It can be bitter and watery, stringy, disgusting. Or it can be richly, sensually sweet, gently yielding so that a grapefruit spoon is unnecessary. The range of this wonderful fruit is wide indeed. Some other foods have wide ranges - the Oyster of course, which commands a wide geographical diversity of flavor. The tomato of course, ranging from repellent in the offseasons, to Godlike in August on a Jersey farm.

However, this is not about best, I am struck with the question: What is the narrowest of foods? What food has the least disparity? Is it the chunky calliflower? The always reliable, but never spectacular potato? White Rice? Iceberg lettuce?

Tell me what you think.

Be well.

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