Wednesday, January 28, 2009

High Fructose Corn Syrup FTW!!!

A new study published by the Environmental Journal has examined a small sample group of HFCS (20 samples). Guess what they found?

Mercury.  In 9 samples.  

And that is not the only study to find mercury, webmd already picked up another study.  Read all about it here.  In it they found mercury in 17 of 55 samples.  Neither study is statistically significant, larger samples need to be studied.  But both suggest that these larger and more efficacious studies are necessary.  

Why oh why is there mercury in HFCS?  I have not yet read the full paper but the gist is that the mercury could have come from the process of converting corn syrup to HFCS, which involves bathing the syrup in mercury.  Perhaps they are on to something?

Not necessarily, says the industry organization Chlorine Institute, "It is conceivable that measurable mercury content can be found in high fructose corn syrup regardless of how it is processed."

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