Thursday, December 18, 2008

Farming a Wedding Part 1

So many changes.   But I love change, so all is well.   Karina and I are getting married next year.   I always thought planning a wedding would be fun, I didn't know it would be this fucking fun!

I have been working on the food.   We are getting married at the Mohonk Mountain House, a colossal frankenstein of a hotel that sits in what must have been an edenic hideaway for the Mohicans 400 years ago.   The house abuts a long lake, surrounded by rocky cliffs. The cliffs themselves are a maze of tunnels, caves, rockfalls, and dwarf pitch pines that have clung to these cliffs far longer then human memory.

But it is the food that is the most important aspect of our wedding.  Mohonk works through a set of distributors, standard practice for a food operation so large.  There are hundreds of guests each day that need to eat, and the menu has to stay fairly steady.  They have made some steps in sourcing locally, but an operation so large cannot be supported by small farms, unless some unifying force brings all the farms together.

That force is us.  We have a unique event of just over 100 guests.  They have to prepare and deliver our food independent of the main kitchen.  We have a unique opportunity to drive the Mohonk staff directly into the local farms of the region.  

Luckily those farms are close by and they are amazing.  So I will be posting about each one over the next few weeks.  

The Farms:

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