Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My on-going love-hate affair with Oprah.

First she and I are together on Faulkner, then Obama, then she does her Vegan Cleanse and I flip out on her, telling her I just can't do it anymore, that she is just too fucking dumb for me.

But Oprah is a clever one, always surprising us when we think of her as the Queen Mum of sycophantic housewives.  

She has come back to food, after unceremoniously getting sued by the meat industry for cutting out burgers after the mad cow scare, with a basic Green eating guide and a new lengthy piece on ethics and industrial animal production by The View's token asian co-host, the adorable reporter Lisa Ling.  It is a lengthy piece, and has some actual reporting in it.  

For some serious information on why CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operations) are the evil empire of food production in America, read this report from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

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