Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Top Chef tries "healthy"

Every four months I get a couple weeks to chill, Acupuncture school is 3 years, 9 semesters, and the 2-3 week breaks we get are never quite as long as I want them to be.  That said, they do afford me the opportunity to catch up on Top Chef.  

Watching Tom Colicchio rip these jackasses a new one is always a pleasure.  

Anyway, in the episode I just watched, the chefs were to come up with a "healthy" dish for members of the Chicago Police Department.  The producers brought on Sam from Season 2 to be the guest judge.  Sam is a diabetic, and tells the chefs that he often has trouble finding foods that are low in carbs and sugars.  The meal must be "healthy" and "diabetic friendly".  

So I am watching, and "low carb, low sugar" somehow shifts to the common nutritional knowledge of the day "lean protein, fruit, vegetable, whole grain".  Several times in the episode the chefs make mention of the low cholesterol component of their meals.  The douchebag who went to nutrition school makes sure to say at least 6 times that his dish, a tasteless and insubstantial sushi, is healthy by virtue of it being raw.  

Some day we will let go of these erroneous nutritional recommendations.  Lean meats are no healthier then fatty meats, nor do they taste especially better.  Eating entirely raw food is thought by many to be a healthy cleanse, one to be performed for a few weeks, to clear out some toxins.  But it is not an adequate full time and continuous diet.  
For a whole mess of information on that subject, click here.

Perhaps though things are looking up.  The low sugar, low carb theme was more prominent in the episode then lean meat, or low cholesterol.  And the Raw food guy went home.  

Also, my brother wants me to stop using "Be Well" at the end of posts.  So I came up with a new one for him:

Suck it.

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