Thursday, July 10, 2008

Resist! It is all we have left.

Well, not exactly.  But one conservative writer, a philosophy student at Berkeley, has called on conservatives to embrace the Slow Food International ethics for food culture.  He talks about a nice old hippy in berkeley who is bringing farming and cooking into her local middle school.  I love it when conservatives come around to these kinds of causes, smug bastard that I am.

Anyway, here is a quote from the article, the "little platoons" would be schoolchildren who farm and eat their own food at school.

"Hence even the smallest acts of resistance to the hegemony of the present system, where corporate representatives and industry-funded scientists at public universities collaborate with government officials on regulatory policies and nutritional guidelines, are crucial steps in recovering local culture and reconstituting our “little platoons.” This will nurture the ability to govern—or resist being governed."

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